fig11Almost universally this is regarded as a portrait of the man who wrote An Essay on The Shaking Palsy which is considered to be the first medical paper on what is now known as Parkinson’s Disease.

A unifying image for Parkinson’s is something i have discussed at all levels of the Parkinson’s community and one thing that has never been challenged is this face of Parkinson’s.

Well well well, how wrong can a person be? 100% wrong as it turns out. The image I had also wrongly assumed was a picture taken from an older portrait but I am now standing as a corrected man. This is an image of a gentleman who lived in an era when photography actually existed unlike our would be good doctor. The chap in the image is James Cumine Parkinson (click link for his history)

I am happy to be corrected but isn’t it strange that an accepted fact can be so easily proven wrong and that what is seen as a trusted image is no more than a hoax. Yet this hoax managed to eek into our general and communal thinking and went unchallenged, well almost, it took Simon at Science of Parkinson’s to point this out, trust a scientist to know these things, research I think its called!

If a erroneous image can be so accepted imagine the power of a real global unifying image. A symbol for Parkinson’s accepted by the Parkinson’s world, across borders across organisations, across egos.

Perhaps it is time to really #uniteforparkinsons




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