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In 2014 I set off on a journey from Land’s End and 1 month later I completed my journey at John O Groats.

Why did I do it?

To raise awareness of Parkinson’s in the UK, especially Early Onset Parkinson’s. Being diagnosed in my 40’s with Parkinsons Disease was a shock and raising awareness of early onset Parkinson’s is my goal. The walk gave me a platform. I now intend to shout from it!


29 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for the follow, returning the favor. Always interested on how to fight PD

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      Just one more way to fight back, you know how it is!

  2. Andrew Houghton says:

    What a fantastic idea, you inspire others. Keep the good work up.

  3. fredphillips says:

    Thank you for liking my blog. I admire your initiative! Good luck with it! I truly believe PD can be overcome and I am devoting my life to curing it naturally!

    Best wishes,

  4. alistair macphee says:

    good luck john. from your cousin alistair and wife pat. xx

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      thanks Al.
      need to catch up soon. no black ties!!!!

  5. Caroline Beaton says:

    Good for you John take care x

  6. Stephen McAulay says:

    All the best John! You will do it mate!

  7. Sue Brisco says:

    Best wishes John! I read about you on your friend’s Facebook page. The day I happened to read it was the 13th anniversary of my dear old dad passing away – he had Parkinson’s for many many years but never lost his spark or sense of humour. As a tribute to him I have made a donation to your cause – I do hope everything goes well for you and that the weather is kind. God bless you! Sue B

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      Thanks sue, means a lot to me

  8. Fiona says:

    Hi John, could you get in touch with me on Facebook at fionaoutdoors. I would like to write about you.

  9. John&Janice Henderson. says:

    Hi John well done you Janice and I will see you in Groats all being well I will try and join you for some of you’re walk at this end.All the very best Janice and John .

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      look forward to seeing you up north. keep a look out on facebook and the site for the date & route details.

  10. Linda Clarke says:

    Good luck John and all the best, from a fan in Menorca.

  11. ktedds says:

    Something to which inspire to in the next couple of years. Good luck!


  12. Yvonne black says:

    Good luck with your walk i was at the charity 80’s quiz night last night in St. Andrews what a fantastic night and hope you raised loads of money 🙂

  13. Rita Robertson says:

    Good luck. I’ll be cheering you on when if you pass through Pitlochry. Mum and dad pass on their best. Ritaxx

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      thanks Rita, nice of Rose & Barry to be thinking about me during the walk

  14. daniel says:

    best wishes from all the staff at haverfordwest airport good look in your quest

  15. Dave McCanjn says:

    I like your reasoning in `Why am i doing it? But even `tongue in cheek’ you do yourself a big injustice. It’s a tremendous task to take on and I wish you every success, both personally and as secretary of the Arfon & Ynys Mon Branch.

    I will do all I can to publise your event and I will endeavour to try and arrange that some dignatoties meet you at the `starting point’ of Trearddur Bay, and support on route..The branch will also have members to support / welcome you and, if we can `chat/ correspond ‘, the arrangements can be made.

    I did similar arrangements when a group of cyclist rode from Trearddur Bay to Sherringham Beach, Norfolk [just 316 miles]

    If you wish to contact me you can get me on 01248 361396

    1. Jonners1965 says:

      Dave. Just picked this up.
      Best contact tomorrow is 07856 231366.

  16. Sarah guyton says:

    Hi John, its Sarah & Mark, we met you on Barafundle beach yesterday. I hope your first leg went well to Land shipping & that you were made welcome in Pembrokeshire! Would love you to email me as I have some lovely pics to forward to you….good luck today, thinking of you x

  17. Jenny Shiell says:

    On holiday on Isle of Man and met one of your support team in Laxey. today. Was so impressed by what you are doing. Good luck John with the rest of your walk and raising awareness of Parkinsons.

  18. Steve Whitney says:

    A pleasure to meet you John, keep up the good work. You are an amazing man.

  19. Elaine Imlack says:

    You are amazing John, you are nearly there well done, Elaine Imlack (nee Fraser) M & D days!!

  20. Mary Downie says:

    Wish we had known you were in our area and we would have walked with you (50 yards). Congrats on your great achievement.
    Stranraer Parkinsons Support Group.

  21. Johan van den Berg, Utrecht, Holland says:

    You must have finished your walk by now, John. Great job done ! I met your driver at Achlean Parking and saw you passing.
    Johan, the Dutch munroist.

  22. julie says:

    Fantastic! I live in Australia and trying to come up with alternative to Parkinson’s Sufferer term. i do suffer it at times. I am luckier than most and at 52 can still cycle long distances. Would love to hear how this whole project came into being. Any chance you could contact me?

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