This unique bunch of people, organisations and companies have helped make the Long Straight Walk possible. They didn’t ask for anything in return but it’s the least I can do to help give something back.

Friends of the Long Straight Walk – I salute you!

Danescourt B&B RAB Outdoor Clothing Heartland FM DunkeldFishBar
Danescourt B&B on the Isle of Man have got right behind the Long Straight Walk are making life easy for me during my first visit to Manx Land. Although Roy did put the wind up me by suggesting that i try the Parish Walk, all 17 parishes walked to over 2 days, a mileage of 84  miles. Some people do silly walks! 76327_100
When Rab Carrington started making sleeping bags in Patagonia over 30 years ago, he did so to pass time and earn a few bob while he was waiting for customs to release his climbing kit. A talented climber, Rab spent much of the 1970s on ground breaking expeditions around the world and in doing so gained the best education possible to understand what climbers needed from their kit.
Heartland FM was established in 1992, we are the longest running community owned radio station in the UK. Based in the centre of Scotland we broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week to over 112,000 people across Perthshire on 97.5 & 106.6 FM and also
We aim to entertain, educate, inform, and encourage local participation. The service is staffed almost entirely by volunteers and is supported almost wholly by the local community. We have been used as an inspiration and blueprint for the start-up of similar stations in other rural Scottish communities.
Dunkeld Fish Bar is fast becoming an institution. Anyone who is travelling a distance up or down the A9 knows that Scott and Shannon will serve up one of the best fish suppers in the northern hemisphere!  Ask Rory McGrath he had 2. The picture is when Rory popped in to deliver the 5 star fish shop award, one of very few fish bars in the UK to achieve the honour
Danescourt B&B Isle of Man vimeo_video_coverData heartland dunkeld fish bar
Cathy Ross B&B Atholl Estates ABreakAway Newquay NaturalRetreatsjohn O’Groats Hotel

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