I always knew I had it in me to be part of huge sporting events. It was my destiny to be up there with the elite of world sport, soaking in the atmosphere as I humbly mounted the podium, respectfully shook hands with the dignitaries and waited for the national anthem to start. A tear gently rolling down my cheek, just the one tear, I wouldn’t want emotion to get the better of me. It’s time for the country to rejoice in my heroic triumph!

There were only a couple of things holding me back from achieving those athletic heights, skill and dedication. With either of those I could have been a contender, with both I would have been unstoppable. With neither I was distinctly average.

So what now, dreams dashed and getting on in years (in sporting terms). How do I take part?

Well that’s what this post is all about, my selection has finally arrived. My moment to be part of the team is here. I have just been selected to be part of this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Oh yes, it’s true. I am part of the team14 and here’s my badge to prove it.commonwealth games blog team14

I have been chosen as part of a team of 14 bloggers across the UK to give a blogging perspective of the events and sports that make up the Games in Glasgow and it should be a brilliant games. I will give my perspective of what is going on right here on this page.

Join me for the journey and have a look on twitter #team14 for all the other members of the #CWG blog Team14 too.

Slainte mtath



Creating a Diversion

There will no doubt be a few diversions in Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games and with 1 month to go (#1mtg in twitter speak) the city dwellers will be ready to adapt to changes to the normal routines and routes.The quid pro quo is that they and their beloved city are part of one of the great sporting spectacles of the world.

“A change is as good as a rest” well there should be a few rested and refreshed Glaswegians by the end of the Games (#CWG or Glasgow2014 in twitter speak dependant if you’re a posh tweeter or not)

read more ……..

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